Thoughts, like leaves, scatter on the ground and gather dust,
One random leaf, catches the wind and begins to twirl,
                    gently at first.
Very soon, the others too, buoyed by the force, they gain momentum          
                    very fast.
Before I know it, the dried mulch is replaced by newer ones,
Fresh off the trees they hit the ground, the branches, they shake
                    violently now.
The dust rise, the leaves fly, the birds, scared and caught by surprise                      
                  deafen me with their raucous sounds.
As if like curtains on cue, the dark clouds fall over the fading sun,
And silent, until now in the audience, thunder and lightning, have
                  their fun.
The clouds, they clatter with their thunderous roar, darkness is complete.                                                                           
Not a soul in sight, the birds are long gone, even the leaves have flown,
Lightning intermittently makes an appearance, scaring me in its wake
I stand alone trembling, watching and terrified, as the storm rages
                   on around me, on all sides.
The clouds can hold it no longer and they burst forth,
With a fury they strike, bringing down the heavens, uprooting
                   mighty trees.
They purge the lanes of everything.
I feel lighter, I feel cleansed and then I realize I am part of its sweep,
Happy one moment, gripped by fear in the next, I violently panic.
No outstretched arm, no dinghy, no rope, hell! not even a broken twig,
There is nothing to latch onto, swept up in the deluge, I lose all:
My mind blanks out and thoughts evade,
My heart, it sinks, loses all reason to smile,
Death is imminent, the siege of the storm-absolute.
Worse than its final knell, is the vice like grip of loneliness,
                       which I seek to quell.
It is once again a Monday morn, and I head to work,
Reports to fill, deadlines to meet, people to call,
I grudgingly take it in my stride; all a part of the weekly grind
Yet the storm- it rages on…….
In my outwardly calm mind.

Time And Tide



Tick tock; tick tock,

The clock just ticks away,

Every second in every minute in every day,

Time just flies away; over it- we hold no sway.

The river too, flows; keeps flowing away,

Ever flowing; never stopping,

Every drop in every gurgle in every current,

Just flows right into the bay.

Our foolish minds; we try to stop

And capture every moment of “happy times”,

Grabbing a fistful of water in our naked palms,

Using every means to do the same,

In pictures and pitchers, we try to lock our prized possessions.

But trapped within is neither the moment nor the river,

Just a relic of what we thought we held dear.

The water is not the river nor does the moment magically reappear,

Held in our hands is just a remnant of what had been,

Never to flow again; never to be seen.

Time and tide fleet by anyway,

Memories grow distant and ebb away,

Skeletal remains are left behind,

On the dull, dry shores of our vapid minds.



Empty Rocks My Cradle


Empty rocked my cradle, O Lord!!!

I cried out to thee for help,

My heart knew no happiness nor my mind any bliss,

You held my hand and bore me a son,

My bosom leapt of joy; my soul had made its peace.

He grew up to be a strapping lad and even when he was three,

He played rough, would tumble and fall,

Cuts and bruises were a common sight, ever so often, a scraped knee.

Yet through his tears he’d smile and say,

“A brave, strong man like dad, I’ll grow up to be.”

Time flew by and he came of age,

He studied hard, always playing harder,

Broke a few hearts, my ever ‘Mr. Popular’,

And when time came to choose a career,

My heart was aflutter; but he without even batting an eye,

Knew an Army man he’d be for all of his life.

D-Day dawned, early and bright,

In his olives, out of those hallowed portals, he marched with pride.

What a glorious moment! Not a dry eye in sight,

Parents, siblings, mates; hugs, kisses, cheers and good-byes,

Pacing through the crowd, frantically looking for me, came my ‘little’-big boy.

Stars on his shoulders; stars in his eyes.

From up in heaven his father watched as many a laurel he did achieve,

Hearty congratulations came our way; medals adorned his broad chest.

Yet every time he went afar, along her borders, defending our motherland,

Not to dread, try as I might, a mother’s heart-mine, knew no rest.

Life for me had more in store, God had played his hand,

Once again, one fateful day, a phone call put my faith to the test.

“He soldiered on to the very end”, they said,

Fought a nasty bunch, killed many, wounded a few.

Like father-like son, just wouldn’t give up, until a bullet found his head.

There he lay, now silent and still, amid the bullets still flying wild,

One among a chosen few, India’s finest and my only child.

Empty rocks my cradle again, O Lord!!!

For joy and pride, yes, that I did gain,

But time, it never seems enough to numb the pain.

Yet if ever, O Lord, the choice was mine,

A hundred sons like him; I’d proudly bear, time and time again.

By The Window Sill On A Rainy Day

The rain cascades,

The leaves hum, the roof sings,

The birds hide, the grass dances,

And my spirits lift.

The trees take a shower,

The thirsty earth gets quenched,

My drying clothes get soaked,

But, my tear drenched spirit feels light and dry.

The rain has ceased, the birds come out again, to sing.

The trees seem to reach out, a little higher.

The clouds give way; the sky shines a little brighter.

The garden within my spirit rejoices; the flowers-they are abloom.


Sweet Memories-Bitter Seperations

You and me, the sun and the sea,

Hand in hand, we melted away,

No troubles, no worries as far as the eye could see,

Life will always be such bliss; thought we.

Today, it’s still you and me, the sun and the sea,

Apart, from each other, we wither away.

No common horizon, no rainbows in sight

Will life ever be bliss……without thee???

Life has come a full circle,

And round and round, in these circles we move……

No paths ever crossing or roads interconnecting,

Yet we soldier on, you and me, the sun and the sea.

Years fly by and life’s moved on,

Rich, colourful; no complaints; full of joy;

A thousand flowers bloom and rainbows light up the sky

But, there’s always more than meets the eye, 

The void in my heart still aches for your touch,

Among a million shades, why-o-why, do I still search for the colour of your eyes????


Alas!……The Twain Shall Never Meet


You were my anchor, in the deep, dark ocean,

I did not realise it then; but my happiness lay with you.

I looked for the light and steadily moved towards it,

I moved away from you, in the hope that the light would make me happier.

Now in the sharp, bright light; here I am;

Not a tad happy, just cold, dull and miserable.

The light hurts my eyes, my soul cries,

I yearn for the depths of the ocean, to be with you.

The light is bright, the ocean deep, but time is unforgiving;

I try to dive back in and swim back to you,

I’m sure you swam towards the light in search of me too,

But the waters are rough and pain weighs down on our chests.

I finally reach the ocean floor while you reach the light,

We don’t find each other, how can we, we’ve both moved on!!!

Dejected; on my way back once again into the light, I’m lucky to have caught just a tiny glimpse of you,

You seem happy, content, distant but fine, I reach out but alas you have no time……….