Insuring Your Eyesight

Insuring Your Eyesight

hey everyone,

I got to know of this super simple and super tasty recipe to protect your eyesight and heard user accounts of people swearing by it, that it does reduce substantially the number of your prescription glasses.

Even if you do not wear glasses as of now and boast 6/6 vision unaided, no harm in trying this out and maybe prolong getting glasses for as long as you possibly can.

This miracle powder has just 3 easily sourceable ingredients, 1 simple step for the procedure and a very simple mixing ratio (3:2:1).
Now, without further ado, let me get on with it:


1. 500gms Mammro Badam(Almonds)-Mammro is not a brand name but the name of a variety of almonds that must be used for this recipe. Pl ensure you use only these almonds for maximum benefits.You will find this variety easily at your neighbourhood grocers’.

2. 250gms Misri/Khadi Saakhar (Candy Sugar)

3. 125gms Saunf (Fennel Seeds)


Pulse all 3 ingredients separately in a mixie jar and then combine together in a mixing bowl. You might want to beat up the candy sugar separately with a rolling pin before putting it directly into the mixie jar as it causes a lot of crackling sound if directly whizzed.

Those who do not like the sweetness of candy sugar, may also add about 50gms of freshly ground pepper powder to the above mix.

Store in an airtight jar and in a cool dry place.


1tbsp twice a day with any natural beverage of your choice (water/milk) or it can just be gulped down or chewed on directly. It has zero side effects.

You must consume this powder as directed for at least 45 days in order to obtain tangible results.

This is all it takes, people. So do make it, consume it and share the post or the recipe with as many people as you can.

Try and live a healthier, fuller, more natural life. Happy 2016!!!!!!!!


The Magic Ingredient For Every Dish

The Magic Ingredient For Every Dish

I remember a time when I was about 13 or 14 and Maggi (quick cooking ramen for the uninitiated) was the only thing I could include in my repertoire of cooking knowledge. Even that, I prepared (’coz using the word ‘cook’ for Maggi would be stretching it) very amateurishly, like a buffoon, by actually following the instructions given overleaf. And I was so naïve as to believe that it would actually be ready to eat in precisely two minutes, if it was immersed in boiling water.

Anyways, immerse I did and then just intently watched the clock along with my tiny, kid brother who was just about 3-4 then. We were largely unsupervised in the kitchen and the only other adult presence in the house was that of my grandmother. She, due to her old age related problems was largely immobile and stuck almost always to her favourite spot on the balcony.

The two minutes, just flew by and I triumphantly turned off the stove, assuming the Maggi had been cooked and was now ready to be devoured by the two of us. This without even checking for taste or preparedness, such was my blind faith in the writing on the back of the pack.

At this very first “successful” attempt at cooking, I couldn’t have just eaten alone without sharing it with my most loved person in the whole, wide world, my granna. So, before my brother and I started to eat, I very proudly and victoriously took a bowl to her, more for her praise and comments and less for her consumption (oldies aren’t too crazy about instant noodles after all).

Lo and behold! She didn’t disappoint. She seemed so genuinely pleased, proud and happy that she said she’d have it all. “Wow! Was I really that good?” I wondered. Well, need not have worried for too long. The very first morsel we took revealed the miserable fact that should have been obvious from the start, but wasn’t, at least not to me, the noodles were grossly undercooked, insipid and inedible.

Yet my granna had volunteered to finish it all. Why, I just couldn’t understand! Why would anybody want to eat something so terrible, I asked her? Her answer moved me to tears and has stayed with me since. Putting an arm around me she said, “The most important ingredient, my child, is the love you’ve put into it. Nothing else matters more. I can finish all of it, simply knowing that you put so much effort and feeling into it. Raw food can always be salvaged and made edible and your cooking skills can always be polished but food without the sprinkling of love will never taste as delicious.”

What’s Your Favourite Dish?

There are a million times people would have asked you that and you would have been forced to think about an appropriate and fitting answer. Well so was I, and I realized that my favourite dish was simply, loosely scrambled eggs in clarified butter.


Now, having answered that question, the simplicity of it really struck me as odd. Having visited numerous places nationally as well as internationally, knowing how to cook various cuisines, being a self proclaimed, incorrigible foodie; why was I so enamoured by a humble scrambled egg? That really got me thinking and I wondered if it was just the sight and smell of the eggs that I found irresistible or was there something much more to it. That’s when I realized that what mattered most was never the scrambled eggs but my grand mom feeding them to me especially when I was feeling sick and low or just trying to avoid the veggies at dinner.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that no matter how strongly we think we like a particular dish its never the dish that’s actually responsible for making us feel great but the pleasant memories that the dish evokes that actually gets us salivating. Think about it, ask yourself the same question, answer it and see whether it has a story and a damn good reason for being your favourite dish. My bet is, there almost always is a beautiful memory playing out in your mind riding along side the flavours you feel in your mouth. It is therefore not just the dish but also the reason for the dish, the company you shared or the circumstances you were in that embedded the dish in your head and endeared it to your heart.

That makes our sense of smell the most underrated sense of feeling we possess. A sense that evokes memories always of happier times, favourite persons and pleasant surroundings. Our noses are the least cared for of all our sense organs, yet noses are the ones that trigger the strongest re-collections. If you don’t believe that, try eating anything you like or drinking your favourite wine with your nose firmly pinched shut. Even, why go that far, think about the last time you fell ill with a terrible cold, runny nose and sore throat, what food did you enjoy eating then? nothing, i’m sure. Everything would have felt bland and banal. Makes you value your sense of smell more now, doesn’t it?????

My point being, nothing is there for no reason however small, ugly, insignificant or useless it may seem. So don’t undermine anything, ever. You only realise its value when its long gone. Next time, someone asks you “What is your favourtie dish?”, take a moment (touch your nose:-)) , say a silent prayer and thank God you were born with all your senses intact.