Sweet Memories-Bitter Seperations

You and me, the sun and the sea,

Hand in hand, we melted away,

No troubles, no worries as far as the eye could see,

Life will always be such bliss; thought we.

Today, it’s still you and me, the sun and the sea,

Apart, from each other, we wither away.

No common horizon, no rainbows in sight

Will life ever be bliss……without thee???

Life has come a full circle,

And round and round, in these circles we move……

No paths ever crossing or roads interconnecting,

Yet we soldier on, you and me, the sun and the sea.

Years fly by and life’s moved on,

Rich, colourful; no complaints; full of joy;

A thousand flowers bloom and rainbows light up the sky

But, there’s always more than meets the eye, 

The void in my heart still aches for your touch,

Among a million shades, why-o-why, do I still search for the colour of your eyes????



Grammar-ease: ‘Used to’ vs ‘Use to’

Source: Grammar-ease: ‘Used to’ vs ‘Use to’

I like learning about the strange and queer rules of English grammar and also the etymology of words, phrases, names etc.

Thats why, when I came across this particular post, I just couldn’t help but share it.

It looks and seems so simple and yet I bet most of us wouldn’t have known this rule.

So, get USED TO knowing how to USE it!!!!


17 Feb 2016: Life Is An Unknown Playlist

Life Is An Unknown Playlist

Went for a walk today after a really long 2 week break. Took my mobile along so that the music on it could keep me company. Surprising as this may sound, the songs in my phone keep playing in a loop, so I have to keep clicking ‘Next’ every time a song ends and I wish to hear another one.

Well, the technology savvy among you would laugh your heads off at what seems like only a minuscule alteration I’d have to make to get the songs playing in line. Well! while that may be the technologically challenged me; the philosophical me learnt a valuable life lesson even from this aberration.

Just like to Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”, to me today it seemed like “Life is like an unknown playlist”. Especially one gifted to you by a close friend, so although you trust that it’s gonna be great you still don’t know what’s in-store.

Now, since you don’t know what’s gonna come up next in the playlist, you play safe and keep listening to the number you like, in a loop.
Just like in life, we tend to hold on to all the good things, good moments and good people that happen to us.

That’s when you realise that no matter how much you like the song; beyond a certain point it gets repetitive and you long for a change. But, if you were to hear the same number once in a while, you’d still love and enjoy it just as much.
Much like our obsession with people, places, things or moments. Doesn’t matter how much you like them; you must let the next song play. Too much even of a good thing gets to you after a while. So, let go and enjoy the good things sparingly.

And lastly, until you allow the next song to play, you will not know what you were missing out on. For all you know the next song’s gonna be even better than the one you were adamantly hanging onto and replaying.
Even if it’s a crappy number, the bright side is its going to end anyways or you could press “next”.
Every moment and every person you meet in life, may not turn out to be the best or your favourite but just like a playlist you must keep moving on to the next.

Shutting off the playlist completely, could be an option, here as well as in life, but whose loss is it gonna be? Yours, either way, right!!!!!!
So, even through the pain, suffering and heartache……keep moving.

We hold the remote to the playlist in our hands just like we hold our destiny, too . The songs and people we like, we must keep them forever and treasure them on our playlist and in our hearts even if they may not always be with us.
You can only truly enjoy them when they play after set intervals and not in a loop. Give the ones you love space and time.
The ones we do not like, we must deliberately delete from our list and life or be willing to endure and allow them to play out.

Life must move on; all in the eternal hope that the bad number will eventually end and the next song’s always going to be better.

In the words of the world’s favourite scotch, “Keep Walking.”

Insuring Your Eyesight

Insuring Your Eyesight

hey everyone,

I got to know of this super simple and super tasty recipe to protect your eyesight and heard user accounts of people swearing by it, that it does reduce substantially the number of your prescription glasses.

Even if you do not wear glasses as of now and boast 6/6 vision unaided, no harm in trying this out and maybe prolong getting glasses for as long as you possibly can.

This miracle powder has just 3 easily sourceable ingredients, 1 simple step for the procedure and a very simple mixing ratio (3:2:1).
Now, without further ado, let me get on with it:


1. 500gms Mammro Badam(Almonds)-Mammro is not a brand name but the name of a variety of almonds that must be used for this recipe. Pl ensure you use only these almonds for maximum benefits.You will find this variety easily at your neighbourhood grocers’.

2. 250gms Misri/Khadi Saakhar (Candy Sugar)

3. 125gms Saunf (Fennel Seeds)


Pulse all 3 ingredients separately in a mixie jar and then combine together in a mixing bowl. You might want to beat up the candy sugar separately with a rolling pin before putting it directly into the mixie jar as it causes a lot of crackling sound if directly whizzed.

Those who do not like the sweetness of candy sugar, may also add about 50gms of freshly ground pepper powder to the above mix.

Store in an airtight jar and in a cool dry place.


1tbsp twice a day with any natural beverage of your choice (water/milk) or it can just be gulped down or chewed on directly. It has zero side effects.

You must consume this powder as directed for at least 45 days in order to obtain tangible results.

This is all it takes, people. So do make it, consume it and share the post or the recipe with as many people as you can.

Try and live a healthier, fuller, more natural life. Happy 2016!!!!!!!!

Women #PerpetuallySub-Par

Women Perpetually Sub-Par

Recently came across a primetime news channel debate on the issue of barring women of the ages 10-50 entry into the Sabarimala Temple (in Kerala). Just another way of saying menstruating women and just one of the many more injustices meted out to women under the garb of religion.

The panelists raised many pertinent issues and it got me thinking. So, down under, I present my views along with those of the panelists: Continue reading “Women #PerpetuallySub-Par”

Selfishly Selfless

                                              Selfishly Selfless

Recently heard from a friend of mine who has another friend suffering from terminal cancer and now in her final throes of life. This lady initially kept ignoring her signs and let the cancer escalate to the fourth stage. Even when she had gotten to know about the condition while only in the second stage and completely curable, she decided to keep the earth-shattering news to herself. She didn’t share it with her closest friends, her loving sisters or even her doting husband. All because she didn’t want her loved ones to suffer with her and undergo the same torment, she decided to be “selfless” about it, and kept suffering in silence. She bore the cross all alone for so long, it has now come to haunt her in an even bigger and more painful way.

Continue reading “Selfishly Selfless”

05 Jan 2016

05 Jan 2016

Hi everyone!

Happy Happy New Year!!!!!!!

I know I keep writing after really long intervals, but hopefully the new year should ring in a change into that bad habit of mine.

Having said that, let me start with something very interesting I observed today. I am quite certain all of you would have observed this about yourselves at some time or the other too.

It’s to do with changing habits, this couldn’t have come at a better time for me than the new year.

What happened was, I am just back from a long vacation which I spent at my relative’s place. On my return I got thoroughly convinced that, in spite of fidgeting with all the taps and pipelines, my geyser had missed me so much, it decided to give up on me, just when I needed it the most, on a chilly morning at 0530h. No matter what I tried the shower stayed adamant and spouted only freezing cold water. Finally, I gave up and shivered myself clean, cursing the damn geyser all through my ordeal.

The next day promised to be the same ‘coz the plumber hadn’t found the time from his busy schedule, to come visit me and fix the cursed geyser. Just when I was gearing myself up mentally to face the frigid waters once again, I accidentally chanced upon some warm water and wondered which one among the pantheon of Gods had answered my prayers. Well, miracles rarely happen and soon reality struck, I realised that I had been fidgeting with the wrong side of the taps all along.

While the hot water taps are on the right at my place, I had completely forgotten so, ‘coz at my relative’s place they were on the left. I had gotten so used to that, in a matter of days, that I convinced myself that it wasn’t I that was wrong but my geyser. Ended up having a good laugh at my own foolishness (and a refreshing, warm water bath) and thanked the plumber for not turning up, or else I would end up becoming a farcical anecdote at the next Plumber’s Collective.

Now, coming to the actual reason why I mention such a silly, little incident. This episode, although funny, actually got me thinking as to how quickly and thoroughly the human mind can be altered into changing a habit so drastically it wouldn’t even consider using alternatives. All it takes for a habit to change is a few days doing something that you’re unaccustomed to until you have registered the new procedure as the actual one and replaced it for the old one in your head. And the best part is, if you keep at it, you don’t even have to do it consciously anymore, your mind just redraws the pattern automatically.

If you think about it, you will realise, we have all experienced similar phenomenon at some point in time or another. It could be small things like the side of the bed you sleep on, the side on which the indicators are placed in your car vis-a-vis your friend’s car, the door that you are used to opening only outside-in or a few bigger things in life like going on a health retreat and realising that you did make it out alive and in good shape without a cigarette or your daily peg which you had convinced yourself you simply couldn’t live without. Sometimes, even a partner, whose loss affects us so greatly, we think we will never get back on our feet again, but eventually we do and do we must for there is nothing more malleable and at the same time more formidable than the human mind.

So, Happy New Year once again and lets  all resolve to “tap” the power embedded in our subconscious minds, to change a few habits, this new year, for the better of course!!!!!!!!