Women #PerpetuallySub-Par

Women Perpetually Sub-Par

Recently came across a primetime news channel debate on the issue of barring women of the ages 10-50 entry into the Sabarimala Temple (in Kerala). Just another way of saying menstruating women and just one of the many more injustices meted out to women under the garb of religion.

The panelists raised many pertinent issues and it got me thinking. So, down under, I present my views along with those of the panelists:

  1. What is so disturbing, filthy and putting off about menses? This happens to be a completely scientific and natural phenomenon that in fact speaks of  the reproductive health and vitality of a young woman?
  2. Aren’t all the men in this world (including the prophets) only a product of a female womb that has undergone both menses and labour so as to create them?             Even the poor and illiterate farmer knows better; to worship the earth and not the seeds that can be randomly sown by anyone, anywhere. It is only the womb of the earth that undergoes the cycle of generation and regeneration and nurtures his plants to life.
  3. How can an interpretation of a “God” (in this case, a God sworn to celibacy) be so feeble that he turns impure or gets turned on by the mere presence of a woman in the temple premises?
  4. If menses is wrong and dirty and impure, how would one classify masturbation?
  5. If machines are proposed to be installed to bar menstruating women from entering the temple premises, will we also have machines to check if men have masturbated before entering the temple?
  6. Can’t women proclaim the same love and piety for their deity without having their physical bodies subjected to a test?
  7. Where can it be proven that the Lord himself has decreed that only males of all ages can be his devotees and not menstruating women?
  8. Even human beings sworn to celibacy do not refrain or avoid coming into contact with others of the opposite gender, then why does merely an idol of God have to be so protected?
  9. If a menstruating woman may desecrate the idol of the celibate God, does the logic equally apply to gay men as well? Will the temple also install means to check the sexual preferences of men entering the temple and touching the deity?
  10. Why are only women always at the receiving end of most religious sanctions; be it their entry, their age, their clothes, their behaviour?
  11. If God is deemed to love all his “children” equally, who is man to distinguish and demarcate who gets to enter God’s abode?
  12. One of the panelists tried to justify this action by saying, it’s only leftist and feminist women who have a problem with this issue and most women even in that very state (Kerala) agree and abide by this centuries old diktat.                                                                         I want to ask him, how many women who agree, have actually been given a choice to disagree or express their discontent at the diktat? It is one thing to know the rule and therefore follow it blindly for fear of retribution but it is totally another to get to know how they would feel if this rule didn’t exist all together.                                          For example, if liquor prohibition has been thrust upon the populace of Kerala and the ban is by and large adhered too, is that supposed to mean that people’s preference for liquor has changed overnight and given a chance to reverse the decision people will still continue not to drink?                                                                                      The pertinent question to ask the women who agree with the rule is, “Would you have visited Sabarimala on a pilgrimage if this rule had never existed? 

Finally, to sum up, Sabarimala has become only a metaphor for what I believed all along; that all major religions of the world have been fabricated and shaped by the minds of men and are hence, parochial,patriarchal and largely biased against female human beings holding our anatomies responsible for spreading vices and impurities and always questioning our faith a great deal more than theirs .



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