Time And Tide



Tick tock; tick tock,

The clock just ticks away,

Every second in every minute in every day,

Time just flies away; over it- we hold no sway.

The river too, flows; keeps flowing away,

Ever flowing; never stopping,

Every drop in every gurgle in every current,

Just flows right into the bay.

Our foolish minds; we try to stop

And capture every moment of “happy times”,

Grabbing a fistful of water in our naked palms,

Using every means to do the same,

In pictures and pitchers, we try to lock our prized possessions.

But trapped within is neither the moment nor the river,

Just a relic of what we thought we held dear.

The water is not the river nor does the moment magically reappear,

Held in our hands is just a remnant of what had been,

Never to flow again; never to be seen.

Time and tide fleet by anyway,

Memories grow distant and ebb away,

Skeletal remains are left behind,

On the dull, dry shores of our vapid minds.




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