Thoughts, like leaves, scatter on the ground and gather dust,
One random leaf, catches the wind and begins to twirl,
                    gently at first.
Very soon, the others too, buoyed by the force, they gain momentum          
                    very fast.
Before I know it, the dried mulch is replaced by newer ones,
Fresh off the trees they hit the ground, the branches, they shake
                    violently now.
The dust rise, the leaves fly, the birds, scared and caught by surprise                      
                  deafen me with their raucous sounds.
As if like curtains on cue, the dark clouds fall over the fading sun,
And silent, until now in the audience, thunder and lightning, have
                  their fun.
The clouds, they clatter with their thunderous roar, darkness is complete.                                                                           
Not a soul in sight, the birds are long gone, even the leaves have flown,
Lightning intermittently makes an appearance, scaring me in its wake
I stand alone trembling, watching and terrified, as the storm rages
                   on around me, on all sides.
The clouds can hold it no longer and they burst forth,
With a fury they strike, bringing down the heavens, uprooting
                   mighty trees.
They purge the lanes of everything.
I feel lighter, I feel cleansed and then I realize I am part of its sweep,
Happy one moment, gripped by fear in the next, I violently panic.
No outstretched arm, no dinghy, no rope, hell! not even a broken twig,
There is nothing to latch onto, swept up in the deluge, I lose all:
My mind blanks out and thoughts evade,
My heart, it sinks, loses all reason to smile,
Death is imminent, the siege of the storm-absolute.
Worse than its final knell, is the vice like grip of loneliness,
                       which I seek to quell.
It is once again a Monday morn, and I head to work,
Reports to fill, deadlines to meet, people to call,
I grudgingly take it in my stride; all a part of the weekly grind
Yet the storm- it rages on…….
In my outwardly calm mind.

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