09 June 2015

Today I’ve learnt…..

I am a regular and avid follower of Master Chef Australia and today was eliminations.  Today’s show involved creating a dessert of epic proportions. The dessert was called “Toffee Apple” ( created by Master Chef success story, Kylie Miller), involved 14 elements, 28 steps and only 2-1/2 hours to complete all of that before getting 5 minutes to plate up.


One of the contestants, Ashleigh (don’t know her surname) really taught me a  valuable lesson. It was her first elimination challenge ever (that is how good she is) and yet she stayed as calm, cool and focussed as though she were cooking in her own home kitchen. That’s what finally got her through. Of the two other contestants, (Kristina and Rose) she was the only one (believe it or not), to complete the entire challenge before time, put up all the 14 elements, present it as it was supposed to be (just like Kylie’s) and it tasted the best among all the other  competitors.


( L-R: Kristina, Rose and Ashleigh excited at Kylie’s arrival)

Just made me sit back and pause. Here was a 23 year old girl, such a fabulous cook, princess of desserts, yet filled with so much self-doubt and under-confidence when she walked into the Master Chef kitchen today. In spite of all this, she performed so brilliantly, she turned out to be the best, even when she was up against the 6 time elimination veteran, Rose.


Here’s Ashleigh, above, after being declared safe.

It just goes to show that when you take a challenge head-on, still your nerves, use that nervous energy for the better, stay calm, collected and focussed, there is nothing you can’t achieve. No mountain high enough, no ocean deep enough that we can’t surmount. It’s definitely not easy, requires discipline and focus but most of all it requires a quiet confidence and affirmation in one’s self that makes you believe in YOU, “Yes, I can do it”, “I will get there” and “I will  not be unfazed, I’ll do my best”. 


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