08 June 2015

Today I’ve learnt……

Time is neither a master nor a slave. It can be all that you want it to be.

I look at time more like a train, and the individual as its pilot. You could choose to put your train onto the fast track or the slow one, its entirely in your hands. But the speed at which you manoeuvre your train will decide how exhausted and drained out you feel or how much you end up enjoying the ride.

Neither does time run nor fly, it simply exists. You can choose to rush by, or stand and stare. Have a leisurely cup of coffee by the window-sill while you watch the world go by; or, dash around with that steaming cup of coffee and be one among the hundreds trying to make the world go a little faster. 

Truth is, your kidding yourself, if you think you are going to push in 26 hours in a 24 hour day. So, take it easy, take a deep breath, glide your train onto the slow track and have fun with the journey. 

Don’t scald yourself with that hot cup of coffee. It ‘s still gonna take you the same amount of time to drink.


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