07 June 2015

Today I’ve learnt…

Happiness, no matter how hard you try, you cannot CREATE for someone and someone cannot CREATE for you.

It is a feeling that only the concerned person can generate from within him/her self.

No matter how hard we try to generate happiness in another person, he/she has to feel the same way. Unless it comes from within them, try all you might, it just cannot be created for someone else.

Moral of the story: you have to choose from within you to feel happy. It is more of a choice that generates the feeling and not something that others can make you feel or will just magically find its way to you. Its a choice, a feeling  you have to strive for, and will find you, only if you take the effort to go looking for it.

As long as you choose to associate or link your happiness to other people or things, you are only procrastinating or choosing the wrong path to your destination.

Try not to choose a path to happiness, try and choose happiness along every path, so that whatever life throws at you, you’ll always find yourself on the happy path.


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