Alas!……The Twain Shall Never Meet


You were my anchor, in the deep, dark ocean,

I did not realise it then; but my happiness lay with you.

I looked for the light and steadily moved towards it,

I moved away from you, in the hope that the light would make me happier.

Now in the sharp, bright light; here I am;

Not a tad happy, just cold, dull and miserable.

The light hurts my eyes, my soul cries,

I yearn for the depths of the ocean, to be with you.

The light is bright, the ocean deep, but time is unforgiving;

I try to dive back in and swim back to you,

I’m sure you swam towards the light in search of me too,

But the waters are rough and pain weighs down on our chests.

I finally reach the ocean floor while you reach the light,

We don’t find each other, how can we, we’ve both moved on!!!

Dejected; on my way back once again into the light, I’m lucky to have caught just a tiny glimpse of you,

You seem happy, content, distant but fine, I reach out but alas you have no time……….


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