What’s Your Favourite Dish?

There are a million times people would have asked you that and you would have been forced to think about an appropriate and fitting answer. Well so was I, and I realized that my favourite dish was simply, loosely scrambled eggs in clarified butter.


Now, having answered that question, the simplicity of it really struck me as odd. Having visited numerous places nationally as well as internationally, knowing how to cook various cuisines, being a self proclaimed, incorrigible foodie; why was I so enamoured by a humble scrambled egg? That really got me thinking and I wondered if it was just the sight and smell of the eggs that I found irresistible or was there something much more to it. That’s when I realized that what mattered most was never the scrambled eggs but my grand mom feeding them to me especially when I was feeling sick and low or just trying to avoid the veggies at dinner.

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that no matter how strongly we think we like a particular dish its never the dish that’s actually responsible for making us feel great but the pleasant memories that the dish evokes that actually gets us salivating. Think about it, ask yourself the same question, answer it and see whether it has a story and a damn good reason for being your favourite dish. My bet is, there almost always is a beautiful memory playing out in your mind riding along side the flavours you feel in your mouth. It is therefore not just the dish but also the reason for the dish, the company you shared or the circumstances you were in that embedded the dish in your head and endeared it to your heart.

That makes our sense of smell the most underrated sense of feeling we possess. A sense that evokes memories always of happier times, favourite persons and pleasant surroundings. Our noses are the least cared for of all our sense organs, yet noses are the ones that trigger the strongest re-collections. If you don’t believe that, try eating anything you like or drinking your favourite wine with your nose firmly pinched shut. Even, why go that far, think about the last time you fell ill with a terrible cold, runny nose and sore throat, what food did you enjoy eating then? nothing, i’m sure. Everything would have felt bland and banal. Makes you value your sense of smell more now, doesn’t it?????

My point being, nothing is there for no reason however small, ugly, insignificant or useless it may seem. So don’t undermine anything, ever. You only realise its value when its long gone. Next time, someone asks you “What is your favourtie dish?”, take a moment (touch your nose:-)) , say a silent prayer and thank God you were born with all your senses intact. 


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